Tika in Action:
by Chris A. Mattmann, Jukka L. Zitting

Tika in Action: <br>by Chris A. Mattmann, Jukka L. Zitting
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The information trapped in your text files, PDFs, and other digital content is a valuable information asset that can be very difficult to discover and use. Apache Tika is an open source toolkit that makes it easy for search engines, content management systems and other applications to detect and extract content from digital documents in all major file formats.

Tika in Action is a hands-on guide for developers working with search engines, content management systems and other similar applications who want to exploit the information locked in digital documents. It introduces you to the world of mining text and binary documents and other information sources like Internet media types and Dublin Core metadata. The book shows where Tika fits within this landscape and how readers can use Tika to build and extend applications. The book's many case studies give real-world experience from domains ranging from search engines to digital asset management and scientific data processing.

In addition to the architectural overviews, developers will find more detailed information in chapters that focus on advanced features like XMP metadata processing, automatic language detection and custom parser extensions. The book also describes common file formats like MS Word, PDF, HTML, and ZIP and the open source libraries used to process files in these formats. The included code examples are designed to support hands-on experimentation.

This book requires no previous knowledge of Tika or text mining techniques, and will be most valuable to readers with a working knowledge of Java. Tika in Action fits perfectly with other Manning books including Lucene in Action, Mahout in Action, Taming Text, Algorithms of the Intelligent Web, and Collective Intelligence in Action.

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Publisher: Manning
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Pub Date: 9/28/2011