Effective IT Service Management: To ITIL and Beyond!
by Rob Addy

Effective IT Service Management: To ITIL and Beyond!<br>by Rob Addy
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IT service management (ITSM) is the group of processes and functions that oil the wheels of the IT machine. The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is the recognized best-practice standard for ITSM; however, many organizations are finding that they must go beyond this framework in order to solve their problems.

This book offers practical guidance on delivering and managing IT services in an effective and efficient manner by extending the ITIL approach to deliver proactive and pragmatic IT service management. Author Rob Addy provides a candid look at the relative merits of the currently accepted wisdom regarding the provision of IT services, using the principles of the ITIL guidance series. He describes IT service management processes related to service delivery and service support (as well as other non-ITIL areas), their objectives, shortcomings, and how these issues can be addressed in real-life situations. In addition, he presents a workable definition of what exactly an IT service is and how it can be defined and used in practice. Overall, the book provides an unbiased view of the discipline, its objectives, major processes, and their benefits and shortcomings.

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Publisher: Springer
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Pub Date: 1/19/2008